Working with Montage Creative is a refreshing break from the norm. Like most agencies, our body of work speaks volumes about our creative capabilities. But, that’s where the comparison ends.

Same faces from beginning to end

We’ve heard many stories from a number of clients relating to their past experience of working with a creative agency. They are completely bowled over by an outstanding agency pitch – slick, memorable, brilliant. They meet the Managing Director, the Creative Director and an experienced Account Director. Having totally bought into the sell, the project is commissioned and the A-Team is never to be seen again.

This is where Montage Creative is different. We offer a first-class consultative service from start to finish and the people you meet at the beginning, support you until the end – with a few other team members helping to ensure a seamless delivery. Our clients rightly demand top level strategic thinking during the creative process and we deliver this consistently across all our project stages.

To see how we measure up against your current supplier, please drop us an email or give us a call. Or alternatively, we’d love to meet up for a coffee on Rundle Street and chat about your creative challenges.

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